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Sharing a few sneak peeks for Katie and Calvin!  Congrats you two.   I photographed Calvin's sister and brother in law's wedding a couple of years ago.  They thought it was funny to see the "serious" photos.  So I told them I'd get some serious looks, and honestly, those these two were all giggly for much of the shoot, they pulled off some great serious shots!       I love it when clients bring props,

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The time was 1970 something.  The place was Uncle Mike's Lot, sixty acres up in the thumb. Our family had an airstream trailer.  You know the kind, it looked like an airplane body without wings or a cockpit.  With my sisters, I sat in the backseat of the brown Chevy Travelall as Dad pulled up to a circle of trailers  the Sullivans and Fermoyles were ready to have some fun  that

Okay, so I have this new website and I realized I really need a headshot of myself on one of these pages.  Dread, pit in stomach, seriously, really, is there any way I can put this off? Confession: I'm always behind the camera, in large part, to avoid being the one in front of it. Regardless, the website needed the photo. So, one day, fresh from a new cut/color—thanks to the fantastic Kirstyn