5 margaretnewton BackstoryWhat’s Margaret’s Story?

They say it all happens for a reason.  That’s pretty much been my case.

The seeds of Margaret Newton Photography were sewn during a stint in college as a sports editor and general photographer.

Soon after, armed with a Magazine Journalism Degree from the University of Kansas, I spent a few years as a reporter for the Topeka Capitol Journal and as a designer for Primedia, (magazine publishing company).  It honed my skill for telling stories through writing, photography and design.

Turning to the technology that I loved, I accepted a position with Apple.  Yes, that Apple.  It was a match made in heaven.   I think I was one of the first people to ever see a digital camera, used email before it was called email, and I remember when a colleague said, “Hey check out this world wide web thing.  It’s is going to be big.”

Ten years later, I left Apple to move home to Michigan to be near family.

I landed a communications/PR position with a private school for students with learning disabilities, Eton Academy. Great place, great people.  As part of my job, I sent a few photos of kids in action over to the Birmingham Eccentric, Oakland Press and other local papers.  They ran them … every one of them … every time.  The goal was to simply to get stories about Eton in the paper.  Who knew that the editor of the Eccentric would ask me to shoot for his paper?  But he did, so that’s how I returned to my journalism roots. Numerous front page placements later, I can honestly say I still get excited to hear an editor with a critical eye say, “Yes, that’s tells the story, good work.”

So my story lands me here, with a shingle hanging above the door.  I absolutely love, love, love what I do.  I guess that means this is where I’m meant to be.

Life really is a story, and it’s a good one!


Margaret Newton Photography