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Because reflecting who you are is more than how you look.

Are you cool, funny, nerdy, goofy, athletic, artistic, or all of the above?

You are YOU, and we like it!

  • High-fashion in the studio?  Yes we can. 
  • Edgy urban inspired locations? Of course!
  • Outdoorsy stuff with lots of trees?  A crowd favorite.
  • Athletic inspired on the field/court/track/course?  You got it.
  • Fresh ideas that make your session really fit your style?  Absolutely! Let’s talk. 

You want a yearbook shot you’ll be proud of. But more than that, you want photos that you can share with friends and family that make you look like … well … just like you!


Why Margaret Newton Photography for your senior photos?

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  • Nothing is run-of the-mill.  Margaret listens and takes her time.  She understands that every high school senior has a unique personality that we want to come through the photo.
  • Products that are custom designed. From graduation announcements, photo albums, senior design cards, framed art pieces, collages, banners for the grad party, and much, much more.  The MNP studio uses graphic design and photography to create just about anything we can dream up together!
  • Satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your shoot and photos, we’ll do it again … on the house.  Not that this happens, but that’s how much we want you to LOVE your photos.


Jordan0023 214x300 Info & PricingHere’s what one very happy mom shared with the Birmingham Eccentric in a newspaper article about Margaret Newton Photography.

“Before I knew Margaret, my two older sons were photographed by the school’s recommended photography company, Prestige Portraits. Unfortunately, they looked just like all of the other seniors from Seaholm High School.

I decided I wanted something special, so I chose Margaret Newton Photography. I am thrilled that I did. I will treasure Margaret’s work forever. She is simply amazing.

She didn’t just photograph our son; she captured his essence!

I now have  photographs I am proud to share and a precious memory to treasure as art.”

— Debbie G.


Fees range from $75 to $300 for a session.  We have several options to ensure you receive the photo session, albums, prints and other art pieces that are exactly what you’ve dreamed of.  Just contact us.