About Anna


In her words …

My true love and education for photography began when I was in high school; never going a semester without a darkroom, studio, or digital photography class.  From there, I went on to study photography at a college level, graduating from Oakland University with a bachelors degree in studio art, specializing in photography.  During my years at Oakland, I was really able to hone in on what art truly means to me and what sets me apart from other photographers.  Now, with over 6 years of experience under my belt, I am excited to show it.

For me, it is all about having a genuine understanding for the person or subject that I am photographing.  I am inspired by the world around me in its true nature.  By every small detail, perfect or imperfect, that makes the subject truly unique.  I want to know the back-story, the history, behind what I am photographing.  These details inspire me to create images that go beyond the superficial.  It pushes me to really tell a story, and capture the true essence of a person.  In my images, I hope to capture not only smiles, but happiness.  Not only kisses, but real love.  The best compliment I have and always hope to receive from a client is that I perfectly captured the personality of their daughter, son, husband, wife, mom, dad, friend, or even themselves.   It is then that I know I have done what I always set out to do … create images that are distinctively, “you.”

On the occasion that I put down my camera, you can most often find me playing one of my many instruments, listening to my newest favorite album, hiking, spending time with my family, or doing anything that requires me to be outdoors.  These are the things that makes me, “me,” but with a camera in my hand, I will be interested in what makes you, “you.”